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Double Gekon


Corrugation measuring trolley

Double Gekon is a measuring equipment designed for contactless corrugation measuring of both vignol and grooved rails. GEKON can be used for evaluation of railhead surface microgeometry evaluation.

Double Gekon allows to measure continuosly or per sections. Measurement results can be compared with EN 13231-3 standard.

Double Gekon is composed of manually driven trolley and measuring computer, which serves as a data-logger and it can also evaluate the measured data. Trolley is light and compact. It can be removed from the track and returned back within seconds. Measurement can be done on an operated track.

Recorded values:

  • rail corrugation on both rails simultaneously


Weight of basic components: 9 + 9 + 3 kg

Total weight: 21 kg

Dismensions of transport case: 1140 mm x 650 mm x 420 mm

Battery duration: 4-8 hod

Measuring speed: 1 m/s

Measuring step: 5 mm

Sensor resolution: 1 μm