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KRAB 84.09

measuring trolley

Measuring trolley for railway track geometry

This classic measuring trolley has been present on a railway market for many years. Its robust construction and average weight of 67 kg makes it perfect for hand-pushed measuring as well as for occasional coupling with a railway vehicle.

Recorded values:

  • Gauge
  • Alignment (vertical alignment)
  • Top (vertical alignment)
  • Cant (inclinometer)
  • Quasi-twist (directly measured)
  • Longitudinal slope (optional)
  • Distance run (rotary encoder)
  • Measuring speed

Basic technical info:

Trolley weight: 67 kg basic version

Trolley battery operation time: 20 h

Measuring step: 0,25 m standard (adjustable)

Maximum measuring speed: 15 km/h

Precision: better than 1 mm in all measured parameters

Gauge range: 1000 mm to 1676 mm


Additional equipment may be purchased from this product.

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