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measuring trolley

Light measuring trolley for railway track geometry

Krab-S-light is the latest product from series of KRAB measuring trolleys. It is designed with a focus on low weight and easy manipulation. Measuring speed is limited to 15 km/h. Thanks to its low weight the trolley can be easily removed from the track by single person. Measuring computer provides enough capacity to store recorded data (min. 2000 km). Measuring trolley can be designed for measuring of multiple track gauges in a range of 760 mm to 1676 mm.

When the measurement is finished, all data are transferred to PC, where an evaluation program Krab10 is installed.

Approved by SNCF

Recorded values:

  • Gauge
  • Alignment (horizontal alignment)
  • Top (vertical alignment)
  • Cant (inclinometer)

  • Quasi-twist (directly measured)
  • Longitudinal slope (optional)
  • Distance run (rotary encoder)

  • Measuring speed


Trolley weight: 32 kg basic version

Trolley battery operation time: 20 h

Range of working temperature: -5÷55 °C

Measuring step: 0,25 m standard (adjustable)


Additional equipment may be purchased for this product.

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