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track clearance scanner

Track clearance profile scanner LPS

Track geometry measuring equpment with built-in track clearance measuring equipment.

LPS scanner is designed for checking the clearance around the measured track. It can be used to check the tunnel tube, platforms, vegetation around the track, catenary poles or any other object placed along the track. Based on Krab trolley, the system is capable to measure a complete track geometry.

LPS is equipped with camera, which is synchronized with kilometric position. This camera helps to determine the measurement during the evaluation.

LPS trolley is designed for manual operation. Standard measuring speed is walking speed (4 kph). Scanner resolution at this speed is 2 x 2 cm with cross sections made every 4 cm. When the measurement is finished, data can be evaluated directly on the trolley computer Alternatively, the data can be transferred to office PC with evaluation software.


  • Gauge
  • Alignment
  • Top
  • Quasi-twist
  • Cant
  • Distance run
  • GPS location
  • Track gauge


Trolley weight: 60 kg

Trolley battery operation time: 8 hod

Maximum measuring speed: 5 km/h

Measuring step: 4 cm